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By Veronika Geeson, Nov 14 2016 02:17PM

There is still much that remains a mystery about sleep. Neuroscientists are still trying to work out the real purpose of sleep. We know it is vital for life. Sleep helps to repair body tissue, enhance growth and help with consolidation of memory. We all know how negatively affected we are if we don't get enough sleep. The lack of sleep reduces our immunity, affects our appetite and creates a myriad of negative emotions. Some conditions such as diabetes 2 and obesity can be linked to the lack of sleep. Mental health illnesses such as Alzheimer's, Depression and Schizophrenia can also be result in disruption of sleep. Research tells us that in Britain adults get on average an hour less sleep than we need (UK Royal Society of Public Health). In the US studies show that 1/3 of adults experience the symptoms of insomnia. I believe it is very important to learn about sleep and how we can positively affect its quality so we can stay healthier into the future.

You may remember being taught that 8 hours of sleep per night is the correct requirement. That hypothesis seem to have been disputed now by various research studies that claim that the 'sweet spot' is about 7 hours (National Sleep Foundation). Too little or too much sleep can cause deterioration of health. If sleep is shorter than 4 hours, the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone)go up and the immune system suffers. Recommended sleep varies according to age too. Children and teenagers really do need more sleep, no matter what mum and dad thinks.

By Veronika Geeson, May 23 2016 01:50PM

I wonder if you have noticed how quickly your perceptions can change. I wrote an email recently, asking a friend for help. To my surprise they did not respond. So I wrote another email to which they responded with a few days delay. I was not upset when I wrote the first email because I felt safe to ask a friend for help. I was certainly upset when they eventually responded because in those few days I questioned our friendship. Are they still my friend? I realized that my perception has started to change and I was experiencing negative emotions of rejection. Sounds familiar? So it is good to ask what causes this perception shift. There is a primitive part of our brain that looks after our physical survival and it does it by responding with anxiety, anger and sadness. All of those experiences are negative and are full of powerful negative emotions. This part of the brain is not our intellectual reason; it is behavioural, habitual and emotional. It can be triggered into action by real physical danger or by our own imagination. It protects at all costs. Fear is a form of self-defence. Evolution of human species relies on this automatic defence mechanism. So there we have it, perceptions are conscious representations of our understanding of ‘what is’. It is like choosing what to wear in the morning. Sometimes you like red, sometimes blue, sometimes green, other times you can’t decide at all and some other times you start blue than change into red and the day ends in wearing a yellow. If logic stops functioning when a friend does not respond, be aware, your perceptions are in for a fashion ride. By the way, they are still my friend; my perceptions say so today at least.

By Veronika Geeson, Aug 18 2015 05:52PM

You may feel that nothing ever changes. You may think that you are at a mercy of your habits and repetitive thoughts. You may think that it is pointless to try to change for the better because you don’t think you can. How little you know. Your brain is capable of new learnings, your brain cells are ready to expand their communications, and you are capable of change. You are capable of change in a way that is positive for you. The brain keeps rewiring itself continuously whether you are aware of it or not. Every day is an opportunity to do something you have not done before; something that is positive and encouraging and something that will make you feel better. You can stand on the positive side of change if you become an active participant and make decisions that are good for you. Your brain will respond to all actions even to thoughts alone. You may choose a new book to read, you may choose to go out for a nice walk, you may choose to cook a special meal for the family or just for yourself, or you may decide to call an old friend. You have obviously decided to read my Blog. These decisions are important because your brain is responding to these actions by releasing neurotransmitters that make you feel good. Doing things that tell you that you are taking care of yourself are enabling your brain to function at its best. You are actively participating on the constant chemical responses in your brain with the choices that you make. You active participation starts with the smallest of things. Should you wear blue or green top? The choice is yours. Which do you prefer?

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