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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

with Veronika Geeson  





When you feel low, sometimes so low that you can lose yourselves in a sea of sadness, it may be hard to see a way out. Most people experience some form of sadness as it is a human trait like other emotions but it can become overpowering. It may make you feel helpless. It may make you feel lost and lacking in will and energy. It can be frightening at times. When low becomes your life and you feel unable to function as if pushed into a corner, imprisoned by your own mind, it is hard to see how you can get any better.


And yet you can!


The pain will go away, the strength will return, the hope will make its way back to your life. There is a step that will take you there. A small step , which is to find the incredible courage to say that you want things to change for the better. When you do this, you will have already achieved more than you think and I can help you to do the rest. I will support you in finding yourself again, discovering your strengths and capabilities. I will help you to understand the ways in which your thoughts influence your life. I will show you, how easy it is to get stuck in the darkness and why it hurts so much. You can learn to stop yourself falling back. If you are suffering from depression and you are on medication, SFH will compliment the treatment. It works well alongside medication.


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