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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

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'I first visited Veronika some months back with wanting help with losing weight.  It soon became clear I had other anxiety issues - which I wasn't fully aware of.  Veronika has helped me enormously she has given me so much more confidence and feeling so much happier in myself - feelings I have not had for a long long time.  The anxiety has gone and I have started to make positive changes in my life.  She has equipped me with the tools I have needed to move forward and to let go of the past.  I can not recommend her highly enough.  Less stress, more confident, less anxious, more happier and excited for the future - what more could anyone want?!  I will continue to see Veronika when I need a boost as it has been so beneficial and her positivity is infectious!




'I attended seeking help how to deal with severe bouts of insomnia that I suffer with from time to time along with the fact that I had become a person that could not deal rationally with day to day life, silly little problems that I would blow out of all proportion and then I would spiral into anxiety and panic. I had five sessions with Veronika but was amazed in that short time my mind set became completely different. She explains how the brain and mind work together (or against each other) and then gives you the tools to change for the better. I am so pleased I went to see her and now plan to keep my 'bucket empty' at all times and my 'polar bears' at bay from now on.'




*every client's experience is different and unique    


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I believe that each individual has their own, unique ability to make positive change in their life.’

                                                 Veronika Geeson

        MNCH (Acc.) DHP, HPD

               SFH Sup (Hyp)

Life is a journey... sometimes we get lost and need help to find our way again ...

What is Solution Focused Hypnotheraphy (SFH)? It is a Solution Focused Brief Therapy combined with Clinical Hypnotherapy

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