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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

with Veronika Geeson  





I am a fully qualified supervisor. I offer group and individual supervision to qualified therapists and trainees.


I ran monthly 2 hour supervision groups in Sevenoaks, Kent. I also offer individual sessions face-to-face or skype. Most associations and proffesional bodies require therapists to have an ongoing supervision to ensure high standatds of practice. This is a requirement within the Codes of Conduct. Supervision required varies so please check with your association. For AfSFH it is 15hours/year.


I charge £12.50/month to newly qualified therapists for 1 year and £17.50/month thereafter. I offer 2 hours group supervision per month.    


One to One ( this can be in person or Skype):

I charge £25/hour to newly qualified therapist for one year and £35/hour thereafter.


Please contact me for full details.