We are continuing to work with clients online whilst our clinic is closed due to the pandemic restrictions. Our online sessions have proven to be very effective and we are extremely pleased that we can continue to provide help and support to those in need.

Welcome to our wellbeing centre.  

We are Veronika and Gabrielle and we help people to change their lives for the better.    We believe that change comes from integrating positive states and empowering oneself with techniques that can sustain these states.  We don’t just treat conditions.  We also work with prevention; emotional wellbeing is not just about feeling better today but also about continuing to feel better in the future.  

We are proud that we have a background in Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hypnobirthing. We utilize techniques from Ericksonian Therapy, Logotherapy and NLP.  We use evidence based neuroscience techniques to achieve long term habitual change enabling our clients to improve their experience that meets both the emotional and the physical need. Our treatments and techniques are all client centred. We are able to treat an extensive range of conditions from lack of confidence to more severe phobias and trauma. We have trained with the best professionals in our field and we continue to build on our learning. We treat individuals but we also offer group treatments. We help professional organisations to look after employees’ mental health and we offer training and supervision to other therapists.

We look forward to helping you.

How we can help

Stress, phobias, depression, preparation for childbirth, confidence, social anxiety and anger issues are just some of the problems that we deal with. Our objective is to produce long-term change, assisting you to think and react differently to issues you face. We work with adults, teenagers and children (from the age of about six). We are here to help you turn your life around.


Anxiety can be crippling but it needn’t be. By focusing on the solution rather than the problem, you can resolve any worries that are holding you back and move on to a better place.


Confidence comes from within and hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for building self-esteem. We can help you turn self-criticism and negativity towards a more rewards-based, positive way of thinking.


Depression is an overwhelming and all-consuming state of negative thoughts and emotions. It is not a choice. We have helped many to find their way out of darkness into the light of their minds.


Around 30 per cent of people suffer from insomnia, but you needn’t be one of them. With our techniques to tackle sleep problems, you will relax more deeply at night time so ensuring a better, more satisfying slumber.

Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking is almost impossible to do without support. Solution-focused therapy will help you to channel your addiction into a new, positive direction so that you can be free of this issue once and for all.

Weight Loss

A tailor-made, step-by-step treatment can produce positive, life-long results. Focusing on the individual as a whole, we use client-led hypnotherapy to help you to shed unwanted eating habits.


Don’t let your fears hold you back. Deeply beneficial and with quick results, we usually treat phobias within just a few sessions. So whether it’s a fear of heights, spiders, snakes or enclosed spaces, we are here to help.

Exam Stress

Don’t let overwhelming exam nerves be the reason you can’t reach your full potential. The sense of pressure can be suffocating but our therapy stems any negative spiralling thoughts to create a more relaxed, positive environment in which to thrive.


IBS can be debilitating and it’s very difficult to treat medically because the underlying problems may relate to anxiety. We can help to resolve the symptoms through hypnotherapy.


Obsessive behaviour patterns need positive redirection and can rarely be solved by the individual alone. We can provide you with the necessary support and guidance to break any unwanted habits so that you can move forward with your life.


Living with a post traumatic stress disorder can be devastating but we can help you move on from your trauma. PTSD needn’t control your life.


Are you frightened of giving birth?  Afraid you won’t be able to cope?  We can help you to believe in your ability and achieve a great birthing experience.


Whether it is going to be your first birth experience or you have been through it before, Gabrielle’s experience as a midwife and hypnotherapist can enable you to look forward to it with confidence

Birth Trauma

Birth trauma can be caused by emotional and/or physical difficulties during birth.  A course of hypnotherapy can enable you to leave the negative thoughts and feelings in the past and look forward to the future

What you can expect

One of us will meet with you to discuss your needs and what you hope to achieve. From this talk, we build a picture as to your emotional wellbeing and how we can help you. We will also devise a progress chart to measure your progress after each meeting. Every session is specifically geared towards, and led by, you – with no two sessions the same. The hypnotherapy is entirely controlled by you and because of this the therapy process is even more powerful and likely to be highly successful.

What our customers have to say


Initially I came to see Gabrielle for help with my fear of heights.  

Not only did it completely help me with my fear of heights it also unraveled things that I knew were a problem but didn’t imagine that hypnotherapy could help. My nail biting has stopped, my overall anxiety has all but disappeared and I feel calmer and more confident in my day to day life.

From the word go Gabrielle made me feel at ease. I felt relaxed and keen to see what would happen. Talking about things made me see that actually a lot of other things not just my fear of heights was all intertwined. We concentrated on my fear of heights but actually without knowing it everything else fell into place. I am more confident, calm and happier than I have been in a long time. My fear of heights has also gone. I was able to enjoy waterparks on holiday with my family and sightseeing in places I never thought I could ever do. Thank you so much for everything, it really has made such a positive difference to my life.


‘I can’t express how grateful we are to Veronika. Our 14 year old son had become withdrawn, angry and secretive. We knew he was unhappy at school but couldn’t get him to talk to us. With his permission, we made an appointment with Veronika and he agreed to start talking to her. Knowing he could talk freely, without fear of being told off or hurting anyone’s feelings, made a huge difference. Veronika helped him gain confidence and taught him how to make better decisions and look at situations in a far more optimistic manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to seek Veronika’s assistance again or to recommend her.’


I have been suffering from dermatillomania on and off for years but recently it had come back with a vengeance. I was feeling out of control of my own body, had lost confidence in how my hands looked and felt self conscious and quite ashamed of my behaviour.

I was nervous at first as I wanted to begin hypnotherapy just as we entered lockdown because of Coronavirus and wasn’t sure if it would work over Zoom but it really did!

I remember reading other testimonials or blogs about people undergoing hypnotherapy and them saying that after a few sessions they’d seen huge improvements and was a bit sceptical but honestly after the first session I saw an enormous decrease in the amount of time I spent skin picking.

After just a few sessions my hands and fingers are back to looking like they used to, they look amazing and I feel so much more confident

I loved my sessions with Gabrielle In total I had 4 sessions and feel confident and have seen an enormous change in me and my behaviours.

The sessions worked perfectly over Zoom, I would highly recommend it. I don’t live near Sevenoaks so in normal, non coronavirus times I wouldn’t have been able to reach her so I’m so glad that doing it remotely is possible and so effective.

The sessions are well-structured and I always looked forward to the relaxation session at the end. It left me feeling calm afterwards and the experience has left me really well-equipped for the future and managing stress and anxiety. Thank you so much!




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