Anxiety and Stress

We are all familiar with fear, but how can solution-focused hypnotherapy help you manage anxiety?
We are either able to deal with fear and cope with difficult situations, or we lose control and our emotional mind hijacks our thought process. Then we find ourselves in the grips of anxiety.
Levels of anxiety vary and will have different physical symptoms. These can range from heart palpitations and shortness of breath to severe panic attacks. Other conditions that can be linked to anxiety include IBS, insomnia, migraines, eating disorders and hypertension. Fear has many faces, all with their own characteristics.
We learn about anxiety from the very early stages of our lives. It means a threat and potential loss of control, coping ability and happiness. Fear always feels negative. We learn that we need to manage our distress otherwise it will manage us.
We respond to fear in a variety of ways because it triggers a survival response. Engaging our primitive brain, fearfulness signals a potentially life-threatening situation, and it doesn’t matter if this is real or imaginary. A thought is often enough to prompt a fear response in our mind and body.
Anxiety, as well as anger and depression, are all primitive behaviours set into action by switching on a survival mode in our brain. The basic human instincts will override any intellectual response if we don’t take care of our conscious processing of life situations.
Anxiety can be created as a gradual negative thought process; it doesn’t have to be created by one traumatic experience. In fact, anxiety levels can take years to build up and gradually we lose control. Often we are influenced by the negative behaviours of other people because of our interactions with them. We are biologically pre-programmed to learn from our parents when young and we respond to the emotions and behaviour of people that we come into contact with during our life.
This is a source of learning and understanding of the world around us; it is a continuous life-long process and creates our unique life experience. When we combine our life experience with our personality, we can understand that each individual has his or her unique emotional and behavioural response to fear.
Creating relaxed states can efficiently treat anxiety. The physical experience of calm gives an ideal opportunity for engaging with the creative process of logical thinking and positive emotional reward. By using hypnotherapy, we can create a state of calm which harnesses opportunities to release tension. Thus the potential of positive change can be unlocked.
A positive change is a real possibility if you are open to moving forward in your life. For more information or to arrange a consultation at our Hypnotherapy Clinic in Sevenoaks, call me.
“Change will lead to insight more often than insight will lead to change.” M H Erickson

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