Birth Trauma

Firstly I would like to say thank you for considering the possibility of working with me to find relief from your birth trauma. I understand how difficult it is to admit that you are having a tough time and I want to let you know that you are not alone. It has been estimated that up to 30% of mothers and some fathers have experienced some form of birth trauma.
Birth trauma can be caused in different emotional and physical ways during pregnancy, birth or during the time just after birth. It can occur following a situation when you felt scared and when you had no control over what was happening to yourself or your baby. Neuroscience tells us that in these situations, the fight and flight reaction can be activated, which is why feelings of anxiety and hyper-vigilance occur. It is a very natural response to a frightening situation. Sometimes the upsetting thoughts and feeling get less over time but if they don’t, please don’t suffer in silence.
Sometimes an appointment with a birth reflections midwife can help. They can go through your notes and explain how and why things happened the way they did, which, for some people can bring clarity and resolve any negative feelings.
If you feel that would not or did not help you then perhaps I can.
I offer you a safe quiet confidential space for you to tell me your birth story if you want to. One of the great things about hypnotherapy is that you don’t have to recount your experience if you don’t wish to.
Together, going at the pace that feels right for you, we will plan a course of therapy that works for you.
Hypnotherapy can facilitate what is best in the human experience and its connection to positive psychology. Yapko (2007) claims that hypnosis can be thought of as “the original positive psychology”, describing it as “an approach that emphasizes the importance of understanding the structure of and pathways into the best and most adaptive aspects of human experience. Hypnotherapy focuses on mobilizing unconscious processes. Many positive aspects are resourced in the unconscious. From the Ericksonian perspective, the unconscious mind is seen as resourceful, positive and generative, and hypnosis can enable access to hidden, sub-conscious resources allowing the person to find their own solution to their problem (Zeig & Geary, 2000). One of the fundamental aspects of facilitating trance is the focus of attention (Zeig, 2008). This internal focus can amplify personal capacities and resources.

“I had experienced an emotionally and physically traumatic birth and found it very difficult to think about the events or talk about the birth without crying and feeling very upset. I felt that I was let down by the health care system and felt jealous of mums who had easier and happy birth experiences.

I didn’t personally have any reservations as such – I was just wondering which type of therapy would be most helpful for me. I had tried conventional counselling but talking about my negative experience over and over again did little to help me feel better. I am very happy I chose hypnotherapy with Gabrielle instead of continuing the counselling route.

Gabrielle is such a warm and welcoming person, I instantly felt at ease when I met her. She understood my situation and feelings and set out a plan for us to make me feel more positive and make peace with my birth experience. Even after the very first session I felt much more positive and the feeling got stronger each time I saw her. Gabrielle helped me work through my feelings about the birth and also other issues that surfaced during the treatment. The process as a whole was very positive.

After working with Gabrielle, I feel much more at ease about my birth experience – I have made peace with what happened and moved on. Whilst it wasn’t an ideal birth, I no longer feel anxiety over it. I am able to put things into perspective and discuss my birth experience without crying and getting upset. I am very grateful for Gabrielle’s help – she truly helped me to feel more confident, happy and positive. I would warmly recommend her services!”


January 2019

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