If you are planning to become pregnant, going through IVF or expecting a baby and would like to feel calm about it all. Or if you are so frightened that you are considering a planned caesarean birth and want to rid yourself of the fear and anxiety that surrounds childbirth, then hypnotherapy sessions with Gabrielle before and during pregnancy are a way for you to feel calm confident and in control.

During the individual sessions at our dedicated hypnotherapy clinic I will focus specifically on your needs. Together, going at a pace that feels right for you, we utilise a variety of approaches to create new opportunities to establish positive emotional states. The guides and techniques taught and practiced become part of your tool sets for learning, creating opportunities, feeling in control and overcoming challenges. It is achieving clarity of mind that most clients appreciate the most.

In a recent review of research literature, it was concluded that the mind-body interventions that were the most effective in reducing anxiety during pregnancy labour and following birth were those where repeated practice of using imagery to produce relaxation were practiced. These are among the techniques we use during our sessions. It was also interestingly noted that the same techniques helped protect the mother from depression following the birth.

“Highly recommend Gabrielle Nicholls for Hypnobirthing. Gabrielle worked for many years as a midwife so has a wealth of real birthing knowledge along with the most wonderful calm, kind nature making her a uniquely well qualified person to see for hypnobirthing.  I had a really positive birth experience that was calm and natural despite my worst fears, I can’t recommend Gabrielle and Hypnobirthing highly enough.”

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Gabrielle is a member of NCH, RCM associate member and a member of The Hypnobirthing Association