Most of us crave the feelings of success and fulfilment, yet it is often hard to see the way ahead and to focus on what we need to do to achieve our goals. The key to confidence and success is believing in one’s own abilities and having a resourceful state of mind. Measuring success is different for each individual and there is no doubt that everyone may have a different concept of what confidence is like. The process that we need to achieve confidence are unique to each individual and are more often than not hidden from conscious awareness.

We utilize a variety of approaches to create new opportunities to establish positive emotional states. The guides and techniques taught and practiced with clients become part of their tool set for learning, creating opportunities, feeling in control and overcoming challenges. It is achieving clarity of mind that most clients appreciate the most. This treatment can be used for any aspects of a client’s life, personal or professional; lifestyle, relationships, social or career oriented.


Hypnotherapy can facilitate what is best in the human experience and its connection to positive psychology. Yapko (2007) claims that hypnosis can be thought of as “the original positive psychology”, describing it as “an approach that emphasizes the importance of understanding the structure of and pathways into the best and most adaptive aspects of human experience. Hypnotherapy focuses on mobilizing unconscious processes. Many positive aspects are resourced in the unconscious. From the Ericksonian perspective, the unconscious mind is seen as resourceful, positive and generative, and hypnosis can enable access to hidden, sub-conscious resources allowing the person to find their own solution to their problem (Zeig & Geary, 2000). One of the fundamental aspects of facilitating trance is the focus of attention (Zeig, 2008). This internal focus can amplify personal capacities and resources.

I can’t express how grateful we are to Veronika. Our 14 year old son had become withdrawn, angry and secretive. We knew he was unhappy at school but couldn’t get him to talk to us. With his permission, we made an appointment with Veronika and he agreed to start talking to her. Knowing he could talk freely, without fear of being told off or hurting anyone’s feelings, made a huge difference. Veronika helped him gain confidence and taught him how to make better decisions and look at situations in a far more optimistic manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to seek Veronika’s assistance again or to recommend her.

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