Depression as well as Anxiety and Anger is not a process of decision; it is not a choice. Depression is an instinctive response to stressful situations and its experience is linked to the functioning of the survival part of the brain. The conditions that are causing the response need to change in order for the brain to re-engage in positive thoughts and emotional processes. This change may take some time but using a solution focused approach, combined with the calm state of relaxation (induced during sessions), we have been achieving extremely good results with clients. This is true for clients who have been suffering for shorter periods of time as well as those who have suffered most of their lives. We would expect to see a positive change within 3-4 sessions with most clients. Unsurprisingly depression is often linked to some form of anxiety. Hypnotherapy also works well alongside prescribed medication.

The techniques that are most valuable to clients suffering from depression are related to changes of awareness. These changes include stimulating interest in events and outside world, increasing motivation and inducing better sleep patterns. This work requires sensitivity and it has to be tailored to each individual’s needs. No treatment is exactly the same and therefore cannot be pattern matched. We look for strengths and resources in all individuals. We keep the mind active and resourcing within self, which is an empowering process as it creates realizations that change habitual responses.

“There is extensive evidence that relaxation alone or in combination with other therapies is beneficial for both normal and multiple clinical populations (including anxiety and depression; see Hammond, 2010; Walsh, 2011 for summary of research).”

Dr A Alladin, Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Major Depressive Disorder

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Albert Einstein

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