The information on this site is for information only. It doesn’t substitute for medical treatment or a medical consultation. Any medical queries should be directed to your GP as they will be able to diagnose your condition and recommend best possible treatment.

Each individual responds differently to the treatment and there is no predicted timescale for most conditions. Whilst my treatment is highly productive with many people, I cannot guarantee to help everyone. Sometimes the therapeutic approach may not be the most effective, or I may not be best person to help.

I ask my clients to listen to relaxation recordings during their treatment. The best time for this is at bedtime. The relaxation recording can be listened to at other times in the day, if preferred, with the exception of when driving a car or operating machinery. Clients need to ensure they are in safe environment where they can allow for complete relaxation.

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Gabrielle is a member of NCH, RCM associate member and a member of The Hypnobirthing Association