I’m so glad you’re considering taking the KG Hypnobirthing course with me. 

For many years, I had the amazing job of working as a midwife seeing babies into the world. I always did everything I could to make the experience the best possible. I was able to care for many friends, colleagues and my sister when they gave birth and I cannot describe the joy that I experienced being able to support people in this way. I gave birth to my own children in a place in which I was very familiar with (where I worked!!!) with people I knew well and trusted around me. I believe that makes all the difference and that’s the experience I want for you.

I want for everyone who takes my Hypnobirthing course to feel calm and confident about birth. I can help you understand how to prepare your mind and body so that when labour starts you can instinctively do what feels right for you. I will also teach your birth partner ways of supporting you so that you also have the feeling of safety knowing that the person with you knows exactly what you want and how to best support you so you become a family in the best way possible.

Today I have the wonderful privilege of working as a hypnotherapist helping people feel good and find more enjoyment in their lives. As part of this work I continue to support pregnant women and their partners as they make the transition into parenthood. I teach group and individual Hypnobirthing courses for those who have not done Hypnobirthing before and refresher courses for those who have previously taken a course and are now expecting a new bundle of joy. I have also taught student midwives at the University of Greenwich about how they can support parents using Hypnobirthing in childbirth.

The neuroscience behind using hypnosis during pregnancy and birth shows us that when pregnant women use particular breathing patterns, positive visualisations and self-hypnosis, the body’s natural hormones oxytocin) responsible for efficient labour) and endorphins (the body’s natural analgesia) work to create shorter labours with less pain. With this in mind a large part of my course is devoted to learning the techniques that can then be used in labour to achieve a calm birth.

During your course we will also cover your choices of where to birth your baby; how to navigate the system so you are confident about discussing your needs with your caregivers; how to prepare for the big day or night emotionally and physically and how to have the best birth in any birthing situation as life doesn’t always go to plan.

The course is informal informative and fun with plenty of time to practice the techniques. You will be given the KG Hypnobirthing book, full course notes and a relaxation recording to listen to until your baby is born. It is suitable for everyone expecting a baby no matter how when or where you plan to give birth. We always have time to discuss anything that is of special interest to you. And most importantly we have lovely biscuits !

Following the course, I will stay in touch until your baby is born to give any further support if needed. I also love to meet up afterwards to find out how you got on and to have a cuddle with your baby.

I look forward to meeting you and having the privilege of sharing time teaching you all about Hypnobirthing and how to have the best birth possible. If you have any questions about the course please contact me so we can have a chat.

I would expect the biggest question to be ‘does it work?’ so I will let you see what others have said about taking a Hypnobirthing course with me and about the births they had!

“Dearest Gabrielle

I cannot thank you enough for enlightening me with the incredible experience of KG Hypnobirthing, and allowing our little princess Sophia to enter the world in such a calm and peaceful way.  Her content nature today is a testament of she entered the world thanks to you.

I had always dreamt of the day I would become a mummy, however one of the biggest concerns was knowing I had an extremely low pain threshold.  How could I give birth?  I have been renowned for having such a low pain threshold throughout my life, and I know my mum was extremely concerned as to how I would get through the labour.  To the point  my mum is still amazed until today that I had such a positive incredible experience.

We all know that our mind is extremely powerful and Gabrielle took me on a wonderful journey in the preparation of KG Hynobirthing, that taught me to engage every increment of my body on the strength and belief that my body knows what is best for my baby. This was my focus, and gave me such strength, confidence and a feeling of tranquility.  This ultimately allowed me to get through the labour as relaxed as one can be in labour, ensuring that my focus remained to be positive every step of the way.  I was able to be in control throughout my labour.  Gabrielle was there for me throughout my preparation and this was fundamental in the days prior to Sophia’s arrival, as any area of doubt was extinguished immediately with a simple phone call.  I ultimately arrived at motherhood without any intervention and refused the gas and air, because I could!

I certainly could not have done this without Gabreille’s reassurance and guidance that gave me such a peace of mind and belief in my body and with my baby.  I would highly recommend KG Hypnobirthing to all expectant mothers, and I do.


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