What is happiness, where does it come from and where does it go when we don’t feel it? Happiness has a different meaning to each of us. Its definition will depend on the person’s ability to feel their happiness and form their understanding what makes it come and go. Happiness is felt rather than logically understood. So if happiness is a feeling then it will have its place in the emotional centre of our brain which is closely linked to our survival instincts. This may explain why we sometimes feel the lack of happiness if we are threatened by the survival mechanism of anxiety, anger or depression.

So how does the feeling of being in control fit into this? How does it relate to the feeling of happiness? Are those two related in any way? I think they are. If we make choices that are positive for us, we feel in control and that control is felt as well as understood. This is when the intellectual part of the brain engages with happiness. Does the decision making ability enhance happiness? I believe it does because we take control of what we do. And when we take control of what we do, this ultimately affects the way we feel.

The brain has a wonderful capacity for learning and we learn new things every day, whether we are aware of it or not. Good luck in your search of happiness. It may be worthwhile to make a decision or two.

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