Stress can affect the quality of our sleep and sleep deprivation causes our emotional and physical wellbeing to suffer. Our brains are very active during sleep. REM (light sleep) deals with our daily emotional experiences so we can get up in the morning in a refreshed state ready for a new day.

Our brains need this restorative sleep to function at their best. At night both physiological and emotional functioning is being restored. Glial cells carry out many ‘housekeeping’ activities overnight and are responsible for keeping the brain in an optimum condition. Sleep deprivation may prevent glial cells from functioning in an optimum way and therefore may cause a variety of sleep disorders.

Reduction of sleep time triggers a stress response, leading to augmented levels of glucocorticoids and adrenaline. These hormones regulate components of the innate immune system such as natural killer (NK) and NKT cells. Sleep-deprivation reduces NK cell number and function mediated by β-adrenergic signalling. De Lorenzo BH, de Oliveira Marchioro L, Greco CR, Suchecki D.

In hypnotherapy, we focus on a relaxed state that very closely mimics REM sleep. We elicit relaxation of body and mind as 20 minutes in trance is as effective for brain health as a few hours of sleep. We teach our clients auto-hypnosis (effective recall of relaxed states) and they can continue to practice these states at home, improving their sleep pattern.

Chamine, Atchley and Oken (2018) reviewed 139 papers written on the use of hypnosis interventions for sleep problems, including randomised controlled trials. The authors found overwhelming evidence is that nearly 60% of studies reporting the use of hypnosis to treat sleep disorders found hypnosis to be an effective treatment, and, as in pain management, with few to no side effects or adverse experiences.

“Veronika is very professional and an excellent therapist. My sessions with her gave me a renewed personal strength and made a huge difference to my anxiety levels which in turn meant I was back to sleeping soundly again. I highly recommend her.”

I attended seeking help how to deal with severe bouts of insomnia that I suffer with from time to time along with the fact that I had become a person that could not deal rationally with day to day life, silly little problems that I would blow out of all proportion and then I would spiral into anxiety and panic. I had five sessions with Veronika but was amazed in that short time my mind set became completely different. She explains how the brain and mind work together (or against each other) and then gives you the tools to change for the better. I am so pleased I went to see her and now plan to keep my ‘bucket empty’ at all times and my ‘polar bears’ at bay from now on.”

“I first came to Gabrielle about my sleeping problems as I had been to the doctors and there was nothing much more they could do for me, hypnosis was my last resort.  I was a little unsure as never done anything like this before but I soon felt at ease. 
I’m no longer panicking as Gabrielle really and truly has helped me to understand how the mind and brain works it’s amazing. I now feel so much more in control of my sleep anxiety.
Thank you for everything you really are amazing take care xx”

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