When we get stuck in the vicious circle of negative thinking, we often think that we have no control over it. We feel exhausted from our negative thoughts as they affect the way we feel. Negative thoughts slow us down and we stop doing things that make us feel good. Negative thinking is obsessive and the emotional brain is very good at reminding us about previous patterns of thoughts. We are encouraged to think negatively by our emotional brain automatically. The emotional brain recognises a pattern and it copies previous behaviour. This is a subconscious response and that’s why we feel we have no control over it. This learnt behaviour comes on automatically often without any conscious decision. The intellectual part of our brain is slower to respond and sometimes does not respond at all. This is how the vicious circle of negative thinking can continue for a very long time and increases our chance of depression or anxiety.

Positive thinking is an accessible possibility for anyone. This includes everyone who might have suffered from negative thoughts for a very long time. Brain has the ability to change the responses of the emotional automatic mind by learning and by active participation. To do that, we need to re-engage the intellectual part of our brain. Brain cells are amazingly adaptable and are designed to make new and fresh connections. Brain cells love to learn. It is their function. When you set about to learn a new thing, it may take you a little while but by repetition you will achieve change. Like with anything new, you will have to pay attention and focus to what it is that you are trying to learn. Repetition is the key element in success. This is when we take active part in changing our lives for the better. The emotional mind will respond to the new communications from the intellectual brain and new patterns will be created. After a while this becomes a part of the automatic response, making you feel positive and much happier.

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