I wonder if you have noticed how quickly your perceptions can change. I wrote an email recently, asking a friend for help. To my surprise they did not respond. So I wrote another email to which they responded with a few days delay. I was not upset when I wrote the first email because I felt safe to ask a friend for help. I was certainly upset when they eventually responded because in those few days I questioned our friendship. Are they still my friend? I realized that my perception has started to change and I was experiencing negative emotions of rejection. Sounds familiar? So it is good to ask what causes this perception shift. There is a primitive part of our brain that looks after our physical survival and it does it by responding with anxiety, anger and sadness. All of those experiences are negative and are full of powerful negative emotions. This part of the brain is not our intellectual reason; it is behavioural, habitual and emotional. It can be triggered into action by real physical danger or by our own imagination. It protects at all costs. Fear is a form of self-defence. Evolution of human species relies on this automatic defence mechanism. So there we have it, perceptions are conscious representations of our understanding of ‘what is’. It is like choosing what to wear in the morning. Sometimes you like red, sometimes blue, sometimes green, other times you can’t decide at all and some other times you start blue than change into red and the day ends in wearing a yellow. If logic stops functioning when a friend does not respond, be aware, your perceptions are in for a fashion ride. By the way, they are still my friend; my perceptions say so today at least.