“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

F D Roosevelt

There are over 300 phobias classified and they are more common than you may think.

Having a phobia can impact and limit experiences. I have known clients who couldn’t go on holiday for years because of a fear of flying. I have met clients who would avoid dental treatment and suffer pain and deterioration of their condition because of their phobia. I have seen clients who couldn’t be in a same room as a spider without having a panic attack.

I treat phobias frequently and, I am happy to say, with a high success rate.

Phobias are divided into two categories; specific and non-specific. The specific phobia treatment is incredibly straightforward and it takes no more than three sessions. For example, fear of flying, fear of needles or fear of spiders are all specific phobias. The non-specific types come under the general anxiety treatment and they may take a little longer to treat. Examples of non-specific phobias are claustrophobia, social phobia and fear of driving on motorways. But there really is no need to suffer with phobias, they can be treated.

“I visited Love to Feel Good to alleviate my fear and anxiety regarding flying. I was wary initially, but Veronika very much put me at ease and I actually enjoyed the sessions, which was unexpected. Since my sessions ended I have been able to enjoy two holidays involving several flights, which I attribute to Veronika.”

Wellbeing and Vertigo Treatment
Hi Veronika
Just a quick note to say, I made it over the bridge on Sunday!
I was quite apprehensive beforehand, but the only adjustment was lowering the temperature in the car….no heart palpitations, no gripping the steering wheel, no deep breathing……all in all, I’d take it as a success!
I guess the big test will be doing it on my own after Christmas, but fingers crossed it all works.
Thank you so much for all your help, not just with the bridge, but with everything….making me realise I can be a happy with who I am, and that I am capable of whatever I want to put my mind too!

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