“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

F D Roosevelt

Phobias are divided into two classifications: Specific and Non-specific. There are over 300 types of phobia and we can treat them. Below is a list of some that we treat frequently.

Specific: Fear of Flying, Fear of Needles, Fear of Spiders and other Animals, Vertigo, Fear of Presentations, Fear of Driving over Bridges

Non-specific: Claustrophobia, Social Anxiety, Agoraphobia, Fear of Darkness, Fear of Water, Fear of Driving

Specific Phobias can be treated in three sessions and do not usually require follow up treatment. The sessions are designed to reduce the emotional recall of the past memory and establish new behavioural patterns for future experiences. We treat phobias without having to expose clients to the threat. The process is done in a safe environment and doesn’t require emotional recall. The method is highly effective. Please see our website for testimonials.

Non-specific phobias may take a little longer to treat as their treatment cannot be as structured. General relaxation with specific focus on desired outcomes is used to treat these phobias. The change of a response happens gradually and may or may not be directly linked to the experience that triggers the phobic response.

Study performed by Halsband, U.,&Wolf, T.G. (2015), Functional changes in brain activity after hypnosis in patients with dental phobia, showed significant reduction in the fear response in all four regions of brain: amygdale, the insula, anterior cingulate cortex and the hippocampus (flight, fight part of the brain) after hypnotherapeutic relaxation technique.

“Initially I came to see Gabrielle for help with my fear of heights. 

Not only did the treatment completely help me with my fear of heights it also unraveled things that I knew were a problem but didn’t imagine that hypnotherapy could help. My nail biting has stopped, my overall anxiety has all but disappeared and I feel calmer and more confident in my day to day life. 

I had 1 session a week for 4 weeks.

From the word go Gabrielle made me feel at ease. I felt relaxed and keen to see what would happen. Talking about things made me see that actually a lot of other things not just my fear of heights was all intertwined. We concentrated on my fear of heights but actually without knowing it everything else fell into place. I am more confident, calm and happier than I have been in a long time. My fear of heights has also gone. I was able to enjoy waterparks on holiday with my family and sightseeing in places I never thought I could ever do. Thank you so much for everything, it really has made such a positive difference to my life.”

Natasha, 27/9/2019, Fear of Heights 

“I visited Love to Feel Good to alleviate my fear and anxiety regarding flying. I was wary initially, but Veronika very much put me at ease and I actually enjoyed the sessions, which was unexpected. Since my sessions ended I have been able to enjoy two holidays involving several flights, which I attribute to Veronika.”

“Just a quick note to say, I made it over the bridge on Sunday!
I was quite apprehensive beforehand, but the only adjustment was lowering the temperature in the car….no heart palpitations, no gripping the steering wheel, no deep breathing……all in all, I’d take it as a success!
I guess the big test will be doing it on my own after Christmas, but fingers crossed it all works.
Thank you so much for all your help, not just with the bridge, but with everything….making me realise I can be happy with who I am, and that I am capable of whatever I want to put my mind too!”

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