No one is immune to trauma and traumatic life events can have devastating long-term consequences unless they are dealt with.

PTSD is a condition that is not always recognised and often goes undiagnosed because everyone’s response to trauma is different. If left untreated, it can be a destructive experience as it affects many thought processes and emotions. Anxiety can be accumulative and has a tendency to spread over time. It may start with a specific fear but it can seep into many aspects of your life experience; decreasing confidence, distorting self-image and destroying the trust of your own ability to cope. It can impact on all aspects of your life. It is like a smoke screen filling a space of the mind, creating limitations in everyday life. And with more anxiety there is less joy, less pleasure, less happiness.

Fortunately, PTSD can be treated. It is often the case that the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder can take some time due to the strong emotional response. However, with patience, relaxation and positive stimuli, the brain learns new patterns and re-engages with new potential. It is this positive potential that solution-focused hypnotherapy works with and because the focus is always on the future, on the next best possible opportunity to feel better, there is no revision of the past. The future can be the best it can be, but it is an individual best for each person.

My treatment is designed to help PTSD sufferers to cope so much better with life and to look after themselves in a new and positive way.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Lao Tzu

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