Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy offers a unique treatment for stopping smoking.

It may come as a surprise to some to learn that this treatment only requires one 2-hour session. The changes that can be achieved within such a short amount of time are highly dependent on the client’s decision-making process but not necessarily linked or related to their willpower. We use trance, a state of deep relaxation, to enable new habitual patterns to overlay existing ones. The success of this treatment lies within the non-addictive dependency on the cigarettes. The dependency is on the habit itself.

The treatment consists of information gathering, explaining about how habits are created and changed, linked to stress responses and thought processes and an explanation of trance. Hypnosis is used to deliver the trance state in which the habit itself is changed, linking back to the client’s preferences and choice.

Hypnosis will accelerate the person through the contemplation state, into the action state and the maintenance state more quickly than other psychoeducational treatments. The results showed that hypnosis was significantly superior to other psychoeducational treatments. Munson,S. O.,Barabasz,A. F.,Barabasz,M.(2018).Ability of Hypnosis to Facilitate Movement Through Stages of Change for Smoking Cessation. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis,


Hi Veronika,
“You saw me on the 27th June for a session to stop smoking. 
Well just thought I’d let you know that it’s been over 1 month now and I haven’t had a cigarette!!
Immediately after the session I thought to myself that nothing was  different, that I’d still smoke (you must hear this a lot) I still had 4 in my car but I never touched them and haven’t since.
The strangest thing was I’d always, and many other smokers I’ve known, said a sentence like “I’m desperate for a cigarette” I realised I was never desperate I never needed a cigarette it was just a habit I couldn’t break .”

“I found Veronika’s details online and was originally going to see her to give up smoking. I have been going through a very difficult time over the past few years and decided to ask Veronika for help.
The initial consultation had such a huge and instant impact on me, it changed my outlook on life and every situation. Veronika has an amazing gift, a very gentle nature and our session where absolutely fascinating.
She has changed my life, made me see the positive in everything around me and her guidance will now be with me throughout my life. I now have the confidence to tackle any situation and am excited for my future. I can’t thank Veronica enough”

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