Want to hold a Workshop dedicated to the mystery of human mind with Veronika Geeson MNCH(Reg.)

  • Putting Anxiety and Stress under scrutiny
  • Understanding why we suffer from stress and related conditions
  • Learning how to regain control over your thought processes and change your life
  • Introducing the mystery of Neuroplasticity
  • Finding the happiness factor
  • Find out about how you can create positive change and allow it to be part of your daily reality
  • Find out about dissolving old negative beliefs and negative behavioural patterns

Focus On: Anxiety, Stress, IBS, Sleep Disorders, Weight Management, OCD, Addictions, Phobias and more

  • Neuroscience research based talk
  • Packed with data, case studies and research findings as well as practical applications
  • Solution Focused Therapy and Mindfulness based

Contact Veronika if you want to hold a Hypnotherapy Workshop for your Business, Club or Group.

07825 761873