Terms and Conditions

Client Agreement


Code of Care

We aim to provide the highest standard of care.

Our clients are treated with respect.

Hypnotherapy treatment is focused on relaxation of the mind and body. A client is fully in control of their treatment at all times. Hypnosis and its experience and meaning is explained to the client before treatment commences.

Solution Focused Therapy focuses on establishing realistic future goals and the client is supported to create their own coping mechanism and achieve their desired positive change.

The length of the treatment cannot be precisely predicted as every individual responds differently. The exceptions are treatments for specific phobias and for stop-smoking.

We cannot provide medical advice or medical diagnosis. The client is responsible for contacting their GP or other medical professional for medical advice and before making any changes to their medical treatment.

Disclosure of all information during consultation remains confidential with these exceptions: if the client has an intention to cause harm to themselves, therapist or others, or if a potential conflict of treatment arises and also in supervision setting where a client’s progress may be discussed anonymously.

Our high standards of care comply with the code of conduct of all professional bodies to which we are registered. These are AfSFH (Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy), CNHC (Complimentary and Natural Health Care Council) and NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy)


Relaxation Recording

As a part of the treatment you will be given a relaxation recording to use during the process of therapy. This can be given as an audio CD or as Dropbox file link for a personal download. You will be advised to listen to this recording regularly as it has a positive impact on the process of your therapy. It is up to the Client to do this or not.

Do not listen to or play the audio relaxation recording whilst driving or operating machinery. Always be in a safe and secure environment. The best is to listen at bedtime.



Terms and Conditions of Service/ Fees and Charges


Initial Consultation

A Free Initial Consultation is offered to all clients except clients receiving treatment to stop smoking. The Initial Consultation may also be combined with the first session whenever necessary and in this case a standard fee of £70 applies.

Standard Consultation

Treatment of most conditions requires regular session attendance. Initially these are booked at one-week intervals. After achieving the desired results, sessions are booked in two and three-week intervals to ensure long term change has been achieved. There is no predetermined timescale to treatment as the response to treatment varies from person to person. The only exceptions are treatments for stop-smoking (one two-hour appointment) and specific phobia treatment (three one-hour appointments spread over three-week period).


1-hour Consultation – £70

2-hour Stop-Smoking Consultation – £135

Cancellation Charges

Sessions cancelled less than 48hoursin advance are charged at 50% of full cost – £35.

Types of Payment Accepted

Payment for sessions can be made either by cash or credit/debit card. Invoice will be send via email in case of late cancellations and payment is due within 7 working days. To protect the privacy of our clients, no card payment information is stored by us and payment details are collected at each session separately.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for Personal Data Management.


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