I’d like to take this time though late to wish you a happy new year and also to thank you for your help last year. I am now on a good path right…eating well, exercising everyday trying to spread happiness and positivity as often as possible. I am loving my family even more than before.
I truly believe our sessions were the kick-start I needed to return to the me I once was, the real me not the lost person I had become.

‘I can highly recommend Veronika and her remarkable method of curing our daughter of car sickness. We had literally tried every conventional and herbal remedy on the market to try and ease our daughter from her constant car sickness. Nothing had worked so we decided to research Hypnotherapy and approached Veronika to possibly help.
Her calm and understanding nature was extremely reassuring and settling and after the initial consultation we were both curious and eager to start the course of treatment. After 4 x 30min sessions I can safely say that our daughter has not yet been ill in the car. We have even been on a 4 day driving holiday in France. This is absolutely unheard of, we couldn’t even do the weekly shop at the local supermarket without her being ill. Veronika’s sessions have absolutely liberated and transformed our time in the car, we are absolutely over joyed and cannot sing Veronika’s praises enough. We are extremely grateful.

“I attended seeking help how to deal with severe bouts of insomnia that I suffer with from time to time along with the fact that I had become a person that could not deal rationally with day to day life, silly little problems that I would blow out of all proportion and then I would spiral into anxiety and panic. I had five sessions with Veronika but was amazed in that short time my mind set became completely different. She explains how the brain and mind work together (or against each other) and then gives you the tools to change for the better. I am so pleased I went to see her and now plan to keep my ‘bucket empty’ at all times and my ‘polar bears’ at bay from now on.”

September 2017

“For years I felt as though my life would be the same – avoiding social situations, cancelling plans and not reaching my dreams and goals. My issue was that I always felt that I would blush in situations which most wouldn’t find uncomfortable. This stemmed from the age of 11 where it constantly happened at school and students used to bully me for it. I had to deal with blushing for about 14 years. Although I didn’t actually blush like I thought I did as years went by, I still felt nervousness, apprehension and sometimes, the intense heat that felt like a blush every time I was doing something that involved new people or situations.

As I reached my mid-twenties, I was getting fed up seeing the world go by and seeing my goals getting further away. I knew something had to change. I was sceptical at first with hypnotherapy but felt like I had nothing to lose. I had a free consultation with Veronika who explained fully what hypnotherapy is and what I could expect. Veronika is definitely a people’s person and made me feel comfortable and at ease. She is what could be described as a gentle soul with a calming influence Each session was a lesson too – explaining different parts of the brain and what they do and how they cause us to react to certain things. Don’t worry, it’s explained in a way that’s easy to understand.

After a couple of sessions, I already felt like I had changed. I was more confident day to day and I felt like anything was possible. I’ve got to the stage in my life now where I genuinely believe I will, and I can, achieve what ever I put my mind to. I will never forget how Veronika completely transformed me from a somewhat shy person into someone who is now actively pursuing his goals without any fears. Years ago, I dreamed of being able to just go to a restaurant without feeling nerves or fear that I’m going to go red. It may sound like a simple thing to most but to me, it was a challenge. I am now able to do this and greater more daunting things without feeling anxious.

It really is a life changing experience and I strongly recommend that you give it try.”

September 2017

I contacted Veronika originally as I had very low self-esteem and believed losing weight would help my state of mind. After my first free session, I realised that whilst I do want to lose weight, that wasn’t in fact my actual problem, I was in fact incredibly stressed having allowed a number of unsolved problems over the years to build up, which I wasn’t aware of. After my second session, I felt like everything that had been ‘whizzing’ around in my brain, making me forgetful, confused, unhappy and apparently stressed, all got filed away. I came away from that session feeling incredibly calm and clear headed for the first time in ages. The following morning I couldn’t stop smiling. I was relaxed and focused and friendlier to everyone I met. I felt like my old self again. I carried on seeing Veronika for the full course and I looked forward to our sessions as it continued to help calm and focus my mind. My memory is no longer as bad as It had been (which was a major concern), every part of me relaxed, I was able to start taking in new information and start learning things again.
Veronika has helped me enormously by returning my confidence and allowing me to feel happier in myself again. I can not recommend her highly enough. Less stress, more confident, less anxious, happier and looking forward to the future. Also, knowing that if things do start to build up again, I can visit her for one off sessions as and when needed.
Thank you Veronika.

“I would like to thank you very much for all the assistance you have given to me. When I first came to you I must admit that I was sceptical but came in with an open mind. Now all these months later I cannot believe what a transformation there has been in myself, thanks to you. I am happier than I have been for a very long time and more relaxed and no where near as stressed or depressed. Also I now know my own mind so am more decisive than ever and now channel my energies into things that are beneficial to me and not negative things. Other people have also noticed a change in me.”

April 2017

“I first visited Veronika some months back with wanting help with losing weight. It soon became clear I had other anxiety issues – which I wasn’t fully aware of. Veronika has helped me enormously she has given me so much more confidence and feeling so much happier in myself – feelings I have not had for a long long time. The anxiety has gone and I have started to make positive changes in my life. She has equipped me with the tools I have needed to move forward and to let go of the past. I can not recommend her highly enough. Less stress, more confident, less anxious, more happier and excited for the future – what more could anyone want?! I will continue to see Veronika when I need a boost as it has been so beneficial and her positivity is infectious!”

September 2017


“I found Veronika’s details online and was originally going to see her to give up smoking. I have been going through a very difficult time over the past few years and decided to ask Veronika for help.

The initial consultation had such a huge and instant impact on me, it changed my outlook on life and every situation. Veronika has an amazing gift, a very gentle nature and our session where absolutely fascinating.

She has changed my life, made me see the positive in everything around me and her guidance will now be with me throughout my life. I now have the confidence to tackle any situation and am excited for my future. I can’t thank Veronica enough”

February 2017

“I would definitely recommend Veronika, she has a way of making you feel calm and relaxed even after one session.”

Having played and pulled out strands of my hair since the age of 12 years, (so just under 40 years) I was amazed at how quickly the hypnotherapy worked. The initial consultation was really interesting and Veronica had a really calming nature. After just one session of hypnotherapy, I have not twiddled since. I can’t quite believe it. Thanks so much.

February 2017

“I met with Veronika in a desperate attempt to break a bad habit that was making me very unhappy. Other types of therapy so far had been unsuccessful and I went to our first session with little hope that anyone would be able to help me. I was very wrong. Veronika has changed my life. Not only has she helped me to break the habit, she has helped me to make many other positive changes in my life too. Her solution based approach has had a domino effect and I ended our sessions with a more positive outlook on everything. I am now able to stay calm and confident in situations that would previously made me anxious or stressed. I feel like a different person.”

“I would like to say how much the time I have spent with Veronika has helped me in my everyday life. Many people worry a lot about their physical health but it is very important to take care of your mental health too.”

“I was at a stage in my life where I had just had a couple of extremely stressful years and I realised that I wasn’t enjoying my life at all –  something had to change, although I wasn’t quite sure what it was.  With Veronika’s help, I have learnt to take control again and, through positive thinking, make small changes about the way I approach life that have made a huge difference to myself and to my family.  The therapy sessions are very relaxing and unintrusive – Veronika has a calm and gentle manner and the methods she uses are very much about making you think for yourself. They teach you how important it is to take the time each day to relax, de-stress and think more positively and constructively about the way you approach life. One of the most exciting aspects about the experience is that the treatment will equip you with the life skills to think and behave in a way that is beneficial not only to yourself but also to those closest to you. I would highly recommend you to try the therapy – I wish I’d had the opportunity years ago!”

“Veronika has a calm, open and encouraging manner.  I found myself driving away from each session buoyed with positive thoughts and a strong sense of self belief.  Her emphasis on teaching why the brain behaves the way it does helps you rationalise situations as they arise outside of these sessions giving you the tools to reach your own more measured and positive conclusions.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my hypnotherapy sessions and believe that I ended up in a much better place than before I started the sessions.  The sessions emphasize the need for positive thinking and remembering that we do not have to be perfect.  I found it especially helpful that we set small and achievable goals each session.  These made me actually move forward on issues that I had previously been avoiding because they seemed too big to tackle.   Listening to the CD is a really effective way of ensuring that we  take 30 minutes each day to relax and clear our minds of any negative thoughts.  I often think about the CD and it’s messages.  I especially like the story of the little tree advising the big tree that you really can do new things.  You need to relax, think positive and try.  Many thanks for all the encouragement along the way!”

“After just a few sessions with Veronika I felt more relaxed and able to cope with any stresses the day might bring. In particular, I found that the tension, which I usually experience in my jaw, had disappeared. Her hypnotherapy sessions were both enjoyable and soothing.”

“I really enjoyed your workshop.   It was fascinating learning about how our brains work and the conflict that can exist between our primitive and intellectual ‘sides’ if we are out of balance or not having enough restorative sleep. I really enjoyed the induced relaxation trance at the end.”

“After seeing Veronika, life feels clearer, simpler and happier.  The therapy isn’t intrusive – there’s no long-drawn out discussions of what went wrong in your childhood in yesterday’s meeting;  the focus is purely on the positive and how to achieve it.  It is very useful and interesting to learn about how the brain works, to discover its plasticity and how to ‘train’ it.  There is so much information out there on how to keep your body healthy but not so much on how to keep your mind in good shape too.  Veronika’s calmness and positivity is infectious.  Many thanks!”

“I went to Veronika for hypnotherapy because I felt I needed some help feeling healthy. I thought she could wave her magic wand and I’d stop raiding the biscuit tin and loose quite a few pounds, job done.

However, what I got was so much more.

She has been able to help me find my own magic wand to feel healthy and enjoy life, my relationships and my work. I feel like I’ve got my strength and sense of humour back as well as several hours in the day I was wasting feeling exhausted. I’m rested, energised, on the ball, have a smile on my face and I’m looking forward to the next chapter.

Veronika’s gentle approach has made a huge difference to me and my family. I can’t thank her enough.”

“I decided to make an appointment with Veronika after seeing her advert in a search engine, there was just something about it I felt confident about.

After an initial consultation I felt hugely different. Veronika had explained things to me in such a way that I felt less burdened and able to deal with my problem. A problem I had been carrying for over three years, even with treatment through the NHS.

Veronika is a very calming, welcoming person and has a fabulous technique in making me not only feel comfortable, but was able to guide me into seeking the positives and building on them, rather than using the past and the negatives as a starting point. She pushed me towards solutions that were there but I wasn’t able to grasp through a lack of confidence.

It’s both a testament to Veronika’s fantastic treatment and with a little sadness that I am now strong enough to be me again after only 10 sessions. But I will never forget the fresh start Veronika has given me. I cannot thank you enough, you gave me myself back. :)”

* Disclaimer: Every person’s experience is different and unique

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