What to expect

After treatment with one of us you can fully expect to feel more calm, positive and energised. Clients leave feeling rejuvenated and lighter from the experience; as if they have been carrying a heavy backpack on their shoulders and now that weight has been lifted.

We will establish an overall picture about your health and wellbeing. Perhaps you have some anxiety that’s gnawing away at you or you want to quit smoking. We will talk about your hopes and how you wish to progress in your life. Our treatment goal will be to create a path so that you can achieve your aspirations, away from any of the old negativities that are holding you back. We will also devise a chart to monitor your progress.

What does a treatment session entail?
After a light medical background and a discussion about why you are seeing one of us, which takes about 10 minutes, we will create an overall impression as to how we can help. Solutions-focused hypnotherapy is different from in-depth counselling. It can be very hard to explain your emotions to a therapist because we don’t always know why we are feeling depressed, stressed or fearful. That’s why our treatment is so beneficial – together we go beneath the surface, towards the subconscious, to make positive, long-term, life-altering changes.

It’s like when a person swims – above the water there is some activity from the movement of the arms and body, but it is below the surface that the progress really happens, where the limbs are propelling the body along. It’s the same with hypnotherapy; real progress in life occurs beneath the waves.

Every session is unique and tailor-made for the client’s individual needs. Treatments generally last an hour, and how many sessions you need will depend on your issue. For example, phobias can be treated within three sessions, where as a long-term trauma requires a longer treatment plan. It is important to remember that the therapy is always client-led. You will always be in control, leading the process. We act as the guide and provide support but we are not the director, we cannot be the director in someone else’s life. For true progress to happen, you have to be open to our guidance but we cannot walk in your shoes or know all that you are. We can only help to redirect your brain to a more positive path.

Our sessions can produce different reactions. Most people just enter more of a daydream state, where they are deeply relaxed and learning to let go of their anxieties. Without needing to know all the reasons for your worries and fears, we can help you to diminish them. We will ask you to focus on the reward of change in the relaxation process, to redirect your brain to a happier, more positive place. Together, we can make the changes happen.

A more detailed explanation of hynotherapy can be found here

“I would definitely recommend Veronika, she has a way of making you feel calm and relaxed even after one session.”

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